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How to avoid a bad breakup

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 26 - 2010

How to avoid a bad breakupIf it is time for you to end your love relationship and you are not sure how to reveal the fact before your partner, here are some tips for avoiding an ugly scene.

It is important for us to realize that not every relationship in this world last a lifetime and it is better to move away before things start getting ugly.


Don’t break up at a public place:

While you may have gotten used to the idea of breaking up your girlfriend/boyfriend may need sometime to get used to the idea. So ensure that there’s some privacy when you are breaking up. You wouldn’t want to be a part of an ugly scene or fight and be a spectacle for those at the joint.

Don’t get into it at your usual hang out:

Break-ups can be messy, so don’t opt for a place that you are likely to frequent. In case you don’t part of absolutely amicable terms at least people who know you won’t be a witness to any kinds of fight.

Don’t be too casual:

Don’t break up while you are doing some mundane task like picking up groceries or chomping on a huge burger. Give your relationship and your partner some respect and plan how you want to go ahead with it.

Breaking up over sms or email:

While this may work for some, it may prove to be hara-kiri for others. Those who cannot express themselves may find the options of writing an email or a letter very appealing and it’s not a bad option considering it allows you to elaborate your feelings. Also, it’s prefect for those who prefer to avoid confrontation. Breaking up over SMS, however, can be highly insensitive. After all 160 characters can’t be enough to end a relationship. However, breaking up over SMS too has its share of fans and has worked for many people.

In all, breaking up can be made graciously so that a beautiful relationship does not come to end with an ugly scene.

Militant Islam can be kept out by prisons in the West

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 23 - 2010

Militant Islam can be kept out by prisons in the WestA British study has suggested that Western prisons can root out militant Islamismism among the prison inmates by adopting more imaginative approaches to prisoners used in parts of the Middle East and Asia.

Some of the measures that were proposed in the study of prisons in fifteen countries included the provision of helping prisoners cultivate non-extremist social networks and religious advice.


Britain’s chief prison inspector said last month the treatment of Muslim inmates by prison staff as potentially dangerous militants risked driving them into the hands of radical groups.

Prisons occupy a central place in the history of militant Islamist groups such as al Qaeda which see them as valued centres of learning, recruitment and indoctrination.

Creative programmes can turn the tide, argues the study of prison militants in Afghanistan, Algeria, Britain, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Israel, Netherlands, Pakistan, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Spain, the United States and Yemen.

For example in Singapore, alleged terrorists are systematically re-educated in prison, said the report by London’s International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence (ICSR).

A team of trained religious advisers helps them go through the Koran, showing how critical passages need to be read in context, and how extremist notions about violence are often based on misreadings and misinterpretations, the report says.

Peter Neumann, study author and director of ICSR based at London University’s King’s College, said that prisons can be a place for reform and radicalization.

Inspiring Quotations for Success Seekers

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 19 - 2010

Inspiring Quotations for Success Seekers
If you want to stay ahead of the rest at the workplace, these inspiring quotations for success seekers will be useful to you in more than just a way.

Friends and neighbors complain that taxes are indeed very heavy, and if those laid on by the government were the only ones we had to pay, we might the more easily discharge them; but we have many others, and much more grievous to some of us.  We are taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly. – Benjamin Franklin

Speak what you think to-day in words as hard as cannon-balls and to-tomorrow speak what to-morrow thinks in hard words again, though it contradict every thing you said to-day. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

I used to believe that anything was better than nothing. Now I know that sometimes nothing is better. -Glenda Jackson

A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks that others throw at him or her. – David Brinkley

Let me never fall into the vulgar mistake of dreaming that I am persecuted whenever I am contradicted. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

A great deal of talent is lost to the world for want of a little courage.  Every day sends to their graves obscure men whose timidity prevented them from making a first effort. – Sydney Smith

They are the weakest, however strong, who have no faith in themselves or their own powers. – Christian Bovee

I was thinking of my patients, and how the worst moment for them was when they discovered they were masters of their own fate. It was not a matter of bad or good luck. When they could no longer blame fate, they were in despair. – Anaïs Nin

How to make Strawberry Parfait

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 17 - 2010

Want to make Strawberry Parfait for feeding the hungry stomach? If yes, this is one YouTube video that will not only help you learn and cook Strawberry Parfait but also to delight guests with this low calorie dessert.

Pay hikes and promotions not enough to keep people happy

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 11 - 2010

Pay hikes and promotions not enough to keep people happyIf you think that a promotion or pay hike would cheer you up then observations of an expert are here to prove you wrong.

Srikumar Rao, a Columbia University professor and author of “Happiness at Work“, has suggested that happiness at the workplace is all about attitude and nothing else.


“The single biggest obstacle to workplace happiness is the belief that we are prisoners of circumstance, powerless before the things that happen to us”, she said.

“To change your job, you must change the way you think about it. We create our own experience.”

Melbourne-based life coach Marion Lawrence agreed, saying people who subscribe to an “if I get a promotion/pay rise/quit my job, then I will be happy” attitude will never be fulfilled.

“That kind of attitude relies on an external reward to trigger happiness. The problem is, when those things you have aimed towards arrive, the happiness doesn’t last because you are conditioned to look to the next goal,” she said.

It was suggested that employers can play a critical role in turning their employees happy and help them increase the productivity levels by emphasizing upon relaxation and ensuring that employees are focused on their individual wellbeing.

Most commonly misspelt word in English language

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 9 - 2010

Most commonly misspelt word in English language‘Separate’ is the most commonly misspelt word in the English language, according to a recently concluded study.

It was revealed by the study that the eight-letter word came on top of the list because of the regular placing of an ‘E’ where the first ‘A’ sits.


The market research company carried out the study of 3,500 Britons.

“There seem to be some words which we always struggle to get down onto paper, and ‘separate’ is one of those which eludes us,” the Telegraph quoted the spokesperson of the company as saying.

“A common mistake many make is writing a word the way it sounds which leaves us muddling up one letter with another and getting it wrong.

“Fortunately, computers’ spell-check corrects wrongly spelt words for us, but that means we become lazy and never learn the correct spelling.

“There’s no excuse not to learn how words are formed – it’s drilled into us from such a young age and if the words are frequently used we should make a conscious effort to get it right next time.

“The fact we judge other people’s intelligence by their written word, yet don’t like to be judged ourselves, means we should all pick up a dictionary once in a while,” the spokesperson said.

It has also emerged that one in six people often spell words so incorrectly that their PC is unable to recognise the word. wo out of three admitted using spell-check on computers has made them lazy while writing letters or notes by hand.

The second word on the most commonly misspelt word in English language is ‘definitely‘.

Text Messaging become way of asking girl out

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 6 - 2010

Text Messaging become way of asking girl outAn Australian research on technology habits has revealed that text messages are fast becoming an acceptable way for approaching girls out on dates.

This research was conducted by Telstra and led to the identification of a completely new set of dating rules. It was disclosed by the research that one in every 2 Australians find it acceptable to ask someone on a first date via a text message.


Telstra Consumer Executive Director Jenny Young said the results aren’t surprising, as the number of mobile phones in Australia exceeded the total population of the country.

“Few aspects of our lives have been influenced as much by technology as our love lives,” the Courier Mail quoted her as saying.

“It’s clear there are now so many more ways for couples to interact than there was 10 years ago, from email to social networking, instant messaging and video calling,” she said.

Some found being asked out on a date via text message to mean that the guy does not have the courage for a face-to-face meet, hence rendering him not worth knowing.

Others found that it’s a great way to ask a girl out, as should she want to turn down the guy, it would be much easier than when the person is right in front.

Last year Telstra handled a massive 8.9 billion text messages and their latest State of Nation report suggests technology is changing the dating landscape altogether with Australians even creating digital dating etiquette and tactics.

Telstra invited the authors of Flirtexting, Debra Goldstein and Olivia Baniuszewicz, to Australia give some tips on technological courtship for educating Australians on the new rules of courtship.

Time to drive fast and still remain secured

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 4 - 2010

Time to drive fast and still remain securedIf you think that performance of your vehicle is limited more by its body than your thoughts, it is time for you to embrace an exhaust system from, the online automotive accessories superstore, based in Edison, New Jersey.

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So if you have immediate plans of hitting the roads with complete authority, car exhaust systems from is what you should be looking at.

Drunk Teenager Stole Fire Engine In Australia

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 2 - 2010

Drunk Teenager Stole Fire Engine In AustraliaAlcohol is drug that works directly on the central nervous system. About 3 million violent crimes occur each year worldwide in which victims perceive the offender to have been drinking at the time of the offense. Young people now are being exposed to alcohol and drugs at an early age.

A drunken teenager in Australia stole a 14-tonne fire engine and activated the emergency lights before eventually being pulled over in the NSW Blue Mountains.


Sydney, July 24 (IANS) An intoxicated 16-year-old boy broke into a fire station in an Australian town and drove off with a fire engine, police said Saturday.

Police said the teenager broke into the fire station at Lithgow, 143 km from Sydney, and stole a 14-tonne fire truck at about 11.45 p.m. Friday, the Daily Telegraph reported.

He also activated the emergency lights and drove off to the Blue Mountains area near Sydney. He was pulled over by police a short time later and was breath-tested, which returned a positive reading of the presence of alcohol.

The teenager was issued a court notice for novice-range drink driving and will also be dealt with for the offences relating to breaking into the fire station and stealing the fire truck, police said.

Alcohol apparently may increase the risk of violent behavior for certain teenagers which may put themselves at risk for obvious problems with the law (it’s illegal; one can get arrested).

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