Dizziness And Headaches May Be Signs Of Bullying

Posted by Kelley Halter On November - 7 - 2013

A variety of symptoms that may seem mysterious or vague could signal that a child is being bullied and having trouble coping.
The research found in the review of studies from 15 countries that complaints of headache, backache, abdominal pain,…

Dizziness And Headaches May Be Signs Of Bullying

Airport Noise May Cause Heart Attacks And Strokes

Posted by Kelley Halter On October - 21 - 2013

A new study has found that the risk of fatal strokes and heart attacks can get increased for those living near an airport due to noise from planes.
The researchers compared data on day and night-time aircraft noise with hospital…

Airport Noise May Cause Heart Attacks And Strokes

Depressed People Benefit From Exercise

Posted by Kelley Halter On September - 20 - 2013

According to an updated systematic review published in The Cochrane Library, exercise could be of great help to people suffering from depression. Authors of the review found evidence suggesting that symptoms of depression are reduced by exercises, although they say…

Depressed People Benefit From Exercise

Kids’ Lower Academic Performance Tied With Poor Sleep

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 29 - 2013

A new study has suggested that children having sleeping tend to do worse in school than their peers who get a good sleep in night.
Brazilian researchers looked at looked at children age seven to 10 and found that children…

Kids’ Lower Academic Performance Tied With Poor Sleep

Common Medications With Caffeine May Cause Stroke

Posted by Kelley Halter On July - 25 - 2013

According to a new Korean study, taking medications containing caffeine was tied to a doubled or even tripled risk of having a stroke. The findings of this study may seem to contradict recent evidence suggesting coffee and tea exert protective…

Common Medications With Caffeine May Cause Stroke

Role Of Advisory Councils In Youth Development Plan Cited By NYC

Posted by Kelley Halter On December - 5 - 2012

An official of the National Youth Commission (NYC) underscored the role of the Regional Youth Advisory Councils in the different regions of the country in the achievement of the goals of the Philippine Youth Development Plan (PYDP) for 2012-2016.

Role Of Advisory Councils In Youth Development Plan Cited By NYC

Benefits Of Psychic Reading

Posted by Kelley Halter On August - 8 - 2012

If you have always believed that destiny is against you or if you want to get a sneak into the future, psychic reading or advice of a psychic expert or psychic reader can help you find the keys to the…

Benefits Of Psychic Reading

Youth learning and development quotations

Posted by Kelley Halter On June - 21 - 2012

Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning. – Bill Gates
Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable. – Coco Chanel
The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about…

Youth learning and development quotations

Pregnancy Success Rates Boosted By Acupuncture

Posted by Kelley Halter On February - 17 - 2012

Acupuncture, an ancient therapy from China, may help improve fertility in both men and women, according to medical experts.

Pregnancy Success Rates Boosted By Acupuncture

Living Together A Better Option Than Marriage

Posted by Kelley Halter On January - 31 - 2012

A new study has disclosed that marriage offers few well-being advantages compared to living together. It was found by the study that marriage benefits diminish over time, while unmarried couples who live together experience greater happiness and self-esteem.

Living Together A Better Option Than Marriage

Stem Cells Aid Muscle Repair After Resistance Exercise

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A new study in mice has disclosed that mesenchymal (mezz-EN-chem-uhl) stem cells (MSCs) are helpful for rejuvenating skeletal muscle after resistance exercise.

Stem Cells Aid Muscle Repair After Resistance Exercise

During this study, researchers were able to improve the rate of repair and the growth and strength of mouse leg muscles by injecting MSCs prior to several bouts of eccentric exercise.

University of Illinois kinesiology and community health professor Marni Boppart, who led the research, said the findings, described in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, could one day lead to new interventions to combat age-related declines in muscle structure and function.

“We have an interest in understanding how muscle responds to exercise, and which cellular components contribute to the increase in repair and growth with exercise,” she said. “But the primary goal of our lab really is to have some understanding of how we can rejuvenate the aged muscle to prevent the physical disability that occurs with age, and to increase quality of life in general as well.”

According to the new study, MSCs also excrete growth factors and stimulate muscle precursor cells, called satellite cells. “Satellite cells are a primary target for the rejuvenation of aged muscle, since activation becomes increasingly impaired and recovery from injury is delayed over the lifespan,” Boppart said. “MSC transplantation may provide a viable solution to reawaken the aged satellite cell.”

“Skeletal muscle is a very complex organ that is highly innervated and vascularized, and unfortunately all of these different tissues become dysfunctional with age,” Boppart said. “Therefore, development of an intervention that can heal multiple tissues is ideally required to reverse age-related declines in muscle mass and function. MSCs, because of their ability to repair a variety of different tissue types, are perfectly suited for this task.”

The Right Sound

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If you play in a band, then you know how expensive some of the items are that you will need. Whether it’s guitars or microphones, you can spend a small fortune simply getting the band ready to practice the first song. You can purchase used bass amps for sale in order to save a little bit of money. These amps are just as good as the ones that you would purchase new, but it’s a good idea to check them out before you buy.

used bass amps for sale

When you purchase used amps, you often get all of the cords and accessories that you will need for them as well. There are different sizes to choose from, and you can often get a better deal if you purchase more than one amp from the company. There are some companies that offer discounts on the amp if you purchase a musical instrument, such as a guitar. Buying a used amp is a good option if you don’t plan to play for a long period of time. It can be something that is used while a child is in high school or college. They can also be used until enough money is saved to get a new amp.

Teenagers Warned Of Health Risks With Supplements

Posted by Kelley Halter On July - 22 - 2014ADD COMMENTS

A new study has revealed that junior athletes, some as young as 12, are making use of performance enhancing drugs.

teenagers warned of health risks with supplements

Researchers from the University of Canberra and Queensland’s Griffith University interviewed 900 athletes aged between 12 and 17. They found that around 4 percent of those interviewed were using performance enhancing drugs for improving their image or performance.

Health experts say supplements could be harmful and lead toward illegal and dangerous substances.

“They think it’s going to burn away the fat, produce muscle overnight and that they’re going to be very attractive to girls and unbeatable on the sports field,” nutritionist Jenny O’Dea said. “It is a big myth.”

“They are fancy names for things like milk powder, dried milk powder, dried whey powder which is milk, different types of sugar, different types of flavoring, perhaps some dried egg,” Ms O’Dea said.

“We know high protein diets do run the risk of finding more calcium in our urine, which does affect our bone mass,” Sports Medicine Australia Queensland branch president Julie Gilbert said.

“We also know high protein diets can have an effect on our kidneys, so I don’t think they are things we want to muck around with our teenagers who are still growing and developing.”

“The majority of young people I am seeing using these products have not completed their growth spurt,” Drug and alcohol educator Paul Dillon said.

“Why in heavens would a parent think it is appropriate to provide them with protein powders, amino acids, whey powder, whatever it is to make them bigger when really they haven’t gone through their growth spurt at that stage?”

Ramaphosa To Be Joined By Prominent Leaders

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Cyril Ramaphosa, the Deputy President of the Republic of South Africa, will address the main Youth Day celebrations in Galeshewe just outside Kimberley in the Northern Cape.

Cyril Ramaphosa and Jacob Zuma

Ramaphosa will be accompanied by Minister in the Presidency Jeff Radebe and his deputy Buti Manamela as well as Arts and Culture Minister Nathi Mthethwa. This gathering is expected to be addressed by the Chairperson of the National Youth Development Agency Yershin Pillay. The African nation has made dramatic progress in youth development since 1994 with the establishment of the National Youth Commission in 1996 and the Umsombomvu Youth Fund in 2001. The important mandates of these institutions included implementing targeted youth development programs and mainstreaming of cross-cutting youth development issues.

However, the country is facing some issues with the 20 Year Review showing that young people account for almost 70% of the unemployed population. A big majority of youth not in an educational institution are vulnerable to crime and substance abuse. This year government celebrates Youth Day under the theme ” Youth Moving South Africa Forward” with all this in mind.

Ramaphosa remarked youth unemployment is probably the single most critical challenge facing South Africa today.

President Jacob Zuma said economic transformation must and will take centre-stage during this new term of government and it is important that youth must be at the centre of that economic transformation.

There is no perfect strategy for grooming a child. After all, every child and parent is different and formulating the best parenting strategy is all about understanding the differences between the “rights” and the “wrongs.” There are of course some common tips to ensure the happiness and well-being of a child.

child grooming

It is hard to believe and accept that parents in today’s times are so burdened by their professional and social obligations that they fail to provide enough ‘grooming’ time for their children. A child wants love, discipline, attention, sympathy, and care and cannot be expected to learn from the tough on his own.

Absence or insufficiency of parental control or guidance can be the reason behind many complications such as increased aggression, bullying, etc. The point is that children should be raised in such a way that parents see them being nurtured, happy, and supported. This also means that children should not be seen by parents as an investment for their future.

A common mistake committed by most parents is that they want to raise their children just as they were raised. They fail to realize that situations change over a period of time and what was accepted till a few decades ago may not exist anymore.

In other words, the child should be encouraged to try out ‘active and healthy’ activities. It is obviously important for parents to ensure safety but not to such a point that growth of their children gets hampered. Everyone learns from his or her mistakes and a child is no exception. Scolding a child on committing such a mistake is best avoided and parents should actually offer tips to children on how to get things done better. This not only helps in creating trust, but this also provides the sense of security to the child that the parents are always there with him — guiding, supporting, and appreciating his efforts.

It is important for parents to remember the fact that being unpopular by rejecting unwanted needs and expectations of children can actually be a favor to the child. Parents should always do what is best for the child. However, the rejection of needs should be properly conveyed to the child so that he knows why it was rejected in the first place. Secondly, parents should allow their children to be children. There is absolutely no hurry for young kids to become adults overnight and they should get sufficient time to play, relax, and enjoy. Thirdly, it is always good to have frequent conversations with the child about what he enjoys the most, how was the day in the school or the park, etc. so that parents can identify what all things are truly appreciated by their child and how they can initiate new plans or bring some changes in existing grooming strategies for children.

Increased Inflammation Associated With Bullying

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A new study has revealed that many kids who are bullied appear to suffer socially, psychologically and even physically years later. The study also revealed that physical consequences could be explained by an increase in low-grade inflammation throughout the body.

Increased Inflammation Associated With Bullying

Researchers write in the journal PNAS that children who are bullied tend to be sick more often than their peers and could have stomach aches, sleep problems and headaches and lose their appetites. In the new study, it was revealed that bullied kids had higher inflammation levels as young adults than their uninvolved classmates.

“We’re pretty confident that this is a bullying effect,” said William Copeland, who led the study at Duke University School of Medicine in Durham, North Carolina. “Bullying is a way of enhancing social status and achieving success,” he said. “There are other ways people can enhance social status or success without wreaking havoc on others.”

“We’ve known for a number of years that a variety of early life traumas ranging from sexual and physical abuse to mental abuse and neglect lead to a variety of bad health outcomes in just about every area of health that you want to measure,” said Dr. Andrew H. Miller, a psychiatrist at Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta, Georgia.

“The idea that bad things happening to you leads to inflammation has been what we are beginning to think may be the link between bad events early in life and bad health outcomes later,” said Miller, who wasn’t involved in the new study.

Plain Package Tobacco Law Of Australia To Be Tested At WTO

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Ending more than two years of procedural delay, an Australian law forcing cigarette companies to sell their products in plain packets is about to be tested in court as per diplomats at the World Trade Organization.

Plain Package Tobacco Law Of Australia To Be Tested At WTO

Australia is the first country to ban the colorful logos used to sell tobacco brands around the world in an attempt to reduce addiction and disease. Tobacco products in Australia since late 2012 can only be sold in drab olive-colored packets that look more like military or prison issue but Cuba, Ukraine, Indonesia, Honduras, and Dominican Republic have challenged Australia’s case by saying the legislation is a barrier to trade and restricts intellectual property.

“My country fully shares Australia’s health objectives. However, its plain packaging measure is failing to have the desired health effects of reducing smoking prevalence and remains detrimental to our premium tobacco industry,” Katrina Naut, the Dominican Republic’s foreign trade chief, said in a statement.

“By banning all design elements from tobacco packaging, plain packaging precludes our producers from differentiating their premium products from competitors in the marketplace.”

According to transcripts of statements at the body’s dispute settlement body, WTO chief Roberto Azevedo will appoint three panelists by May 5 to judge the dispute. Australia and its five challengers, after two years of slow-going procedure, have agreed the conditions that will allow the case to get under way within weeks and for a ruling to be made potentially as soon as November.

BMI Linked To Risk For Breast Cancer After Menopause

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Overall body size and not shape is a better indicator of breast cancer risk after menopause, according to a recent study.

BMI Linked To Risk For Breast Cancer After Menopause

The analysis of U.S. women contradicted research in the past that suggested that having an apple shape with a large midriff measurement, regardless of weight or body mass index (BMI) might signal greater breast cancer risk.

“When we looked at both BMI and waist size, we found that BMI explained the relationship (with breast cancer risk), and that the waist circumference had little effect,” said Mia Gaudet, an American Cancer Society epidemiologist who led the new study.

Body mass index, a measure of weight relative to height, is used to gauge obesity.

Gaudet and her team analyzed data about nearly 29,000 postmenopausal women over an average of 11.6 years and the women were participants in the Cancer Prevention Study-II Nutrition Cohort, a long-term study that began in the early 1990s. “The results of our study are very consistent with the American Cancer Society’s recommendation with regards to physical activity, and to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and be physically active throughout life,” Gaudet said.

Victoria Seewaldt, a professor of medicine at the Duke Cancer Institute in Durham, North Carolina said the study may not be the last word when it comes to BMI and breast cancer. “BMI is not a good measure of obesity across racial and ethnic groups. I would be hesitant to change clinical practice and switch focus from abdominal circumference to BMI only, particularly for Asian- and African-American women,” Seewaldt said.

The results were published in the journal Cancer Causes & Control.

L’Wren Scott Found Dead In New York

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According to police, Fashion designer L’Wren Scott, the girlfriend of Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment.

L'Wren Scott Found Dead In New York

Scott’s dresses were favorites among Hollywood’s A-list stars such as Nicole Kidman, Amy Adams, and Penelope Cruz. The former model was found hanging from a scarf. “We are investigating it as a suicide,” said New York police Detective Kelly Ort.

The 70-year-old Jagger said through a spokesperson that he was “completely shocked and devastated.” Meanwhile, the family of L’Wren Scott issued a statement asking for privacy.

Nicole Kidman, a friend of Scott for 25 years, was “heartbroken and in shock right now and unable to say anything,” her spokeswoman said.

“Devastated to have lost my friend,” tweeted rocker Bryan Adams, who has photographed Scott. “Rest in peace my dear I’m gonna miss you. Condolences to all that were close to her.”

Over the last decade, Scott became one of New York’s most famous designers and was best known for portraying a sensibility that catered to women’s desire to feel powerful and sleek.

“She pushed aside interest in what was happening in fashion trends and on the runways, and designed for women, to give them confidence with their bodies in looks that were so beautiful,” said Eric Wilson, the fashion news director at InStyle magazine.

“Given the timing, that individual will probably be examined tomorrow and if everything is straightforward, the cause and manner of death would be available by tomorrow,” Julie Bolcer, of the city’s Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, said. Police said foul play was not suspected.

World Cup Doping Lab Absence Won’t Affect Testing

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World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) president Craig Reedie has remarked that drug testing at the World Cup in Brazil in June will not be affected by the absence of an accredited doping laboratory.

Samples collected at the FIFA World Cup will be flown across the Atlantic to Switzerland, which have already raised doubts in the minds of some experts that positive tests from players will be discovered before their next matches.

World Cup Doping Lab Absence Won't Affect Testing

“The rather disappointing situation is the new laboratory which is to be ready for the Olympic Games in 2016 I’m afraid will not be ready for the World Cup,” said Reedie. “That makes the job of (soccer’s ruling body) FIFA that little bit more complicated and I understand they’re going to take the samples to the Lausanne laboratory which is one of the really good ones,” he added.

In August, the World Anti-Doping Agency said the Rio de Janeiro laboratory did not meet the International Standard for Laboratories (ISL).

Reedie quashed doubts that samples would not be tested in time in Brazil. “FIFA can do it because in football there’s about a four or five-day gap between matches so the turnover of samples in Lausanne can be done quickly enough so that the process…will actually work,” he added.

FIFA said in a statement: “For next year’s World Cup, FIFA and Wada will ensure the best possible analysis of urine and blood samples and the proper implementation of the new strategy in the fight against doping by means of the steroid module of the athlete biological passport.

“FIFA is now taking the necessary logistical steps for the shipment of samples overseas.”

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